Moving around but staying still

I had started by removing people who were really just random people I half knew from Face book and then just deleted my account finding that there was very little I wanted to keep on there. I rarely posted on it, and even then it was nothing of value. I was bored and fed up of a lot of the postings and when the local weatherman decided to go off line for a few days I realized that I had no other real reason for being on it. So my account is dead.

I have also thinned out my feed from other peoples entries as it was getting silly also. I am debating shutting down this journal also, I don't post often and the only things of significance can be posted by Kit- he has told you about the bees, has worked on the still incomplete chair renovation and has been a part of almost everything I do. I tend to sew and craft without him, but I do not get much time to do that, and it would be a very dull post to only have that- even with me forgetting to talk about most of what I do.

I had a good time just before Christmas, I made a few presents of soaps, candles room scents, a bag for Kate's wheelchair, a bag for our Cthulhu dice and a bag for Kit's snow show springy things.

I had hopes of making a dress for the new year, but that has not worked out with the amount of time I have had to spare- so top and jeans it is.

Just as a funny note, the spell checker on live journal does not know the words blog and blogged.

Any way, Merry Christmas, and soon a Happy New Year, and we will see what the next 365 days bring...


I have been uneasy for a while about my passwords, but being dyslexic and a bit lazy there was not an obvious solution to make it more secure and not lock me out. The problem that I have is anything that requires memorising a string of letters numbers and symbols just does not work in my brain. I have over come this for my normal passwords by having a small number (around 5) and adding a new one every so often and losing an old one. I take two to three words that I can spell (not a very long list) and then change them with substitution of some letters for numbers. On one occasion I managed to get punctuation in there also. However, they are used in many sites, and are easily broken in to.

Following Dan's post on passwords combined with a visit to Dan we started looking at other solutions and settled on last pass. This looked like a good option for us. I very carefully set up the account paying close attention to where it said make sure you remember your password. The first password I chose was tolerably strong, I had not used it before and it followed the proven pattern of how I remember passwords. When I typed it in to change something it would not work. Knowing that lastpass will not let me do anything if I cant remember my password I made a word doc changing each part of the password to see where I went wrong and trying it in the filed, fourth time lucky I got the password. I then realised that this was not going to work as the bit I got wrong was an inconstancy of treating one letter as a number. So I reset my password using the old copied password.

I texted myself my new password and copied it from my phone, checked that it worked with a second sign in. Then I continued to set up my sites for last pass to sign in. When Kit came home we decided it was best if I had to write out my new password as often as possible to get it in to my head, this did not work. And after 20 min of trying every combination I could think of the same way I had before I called Kit through to see if he had any ideas. In the end the only option was the delete account and start again option. So we hit show password on the screen and copied each password in to a word doc, then we shut down the account.

This morning I have set up a new last pass account, and because my dyslexia has not gone away over night I have a new stratagie. I use SuperGenPass to change a simple password in to a more complicated password and the resulting password is used to sign in to Last Pass. This might seem convoluted, but in a world where things that I can remember are so insecure that polite coughing will open them up to anyone who chooses it is one of the few options that give security and will allow me to access my own accounts.

Anyway, I have to now go and change all my passwords again as the were made insecure in the rescue mission, but this time I have confidence of it working.

Going Caching

We still cache from time to time, but it is no longer at the fever pitch that we use to approach it with. However there are some very good reasons for caching today. The main one is that my Dad (the border terriers) are at least 40 caches ahead of us at the moment, and this is a situation not to be tolerated, so we are going to fife today. We still will not get lots of caches, and we are not doing any that have a difficult terrain, but we are going to get some walks done that have a few caches on them.

We will then get back and pack and prepare for our trip South. It will be great to see so many friends.

Yesterday I finished getting some promised pictures ready (I think that they both look great).

Anyway, time for breakfast and then on with the day. We will not catch up today but it will bring us a little closer and then we will get some more done when we are south.

Whisky slavedriver

Well we have Gareth and Penny up to visit, and we are having fun, well almost. Kit is meant to be taking notes on the whisky he is drinking, but he keeps getting distracted. So I keep confiscating things or Gareth will only get one dram tonight.

All fun

Fusion cooking Japan/Scotland

For those of you into fusion cooking we present Haggis gyoza! As we also had duck gyoza we cooked these little "pot stickers" in duck fat. Yes they wouldn't make a light choices menu. They tasted fine, haggis and soy sauce being a novel combination but not unpleasant.

We also tried a quick go at banana gyoza, again wonderful, this time with a caramel sauce whipped up by Kit as an dip instead of soy sauce.

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The end of the Kitchen saga

For those of you who remember we had a leak in the kitchen a couple of years ago, and after a lot of time effort and bother we got a kitchen back after waiting almost a year. Two things have happened this month to signal the end of the saga, one we have paid off our debt that was a result of the kitchen (we still need to pay off the car and the council tax where there was an error), which has been the work of 7 months to get the credit card and the overdraft to 0. While Paul was up our hot water went on the blink, not normally a problem as we would use the shower, unfortunately it is not working at the moment either, so we called out a guy, and Paul very kindly stayed in the house and dealt with him when he was here. This meant that we emptied the kitchen cupboard for the work to be done, we decided not to put things back in until we had tiled the cupboard, which is now done, and as I type this Kit is filling the cupboard up again very neatly.

In other news we went to the Alva Glen illuminations last night. We here about this every year but had never gone to it. Most if it was a bit to over the top for my liking, but the waterfall at the end was spectacularly done. Kit was impressed with some of the laser work.

He has just come through and caught me updating rather than working on tidying, however at the time I had left him he was counting how many dishwasher tablets fit in a 60 tablet box, it turns out 95 with some more space if we had more. Anyway, back to the land of productivity, the living room is nearly sorted.

htc wildfire

Well I have been made to enter the 21st century with a fancey new phone having always used bricks before. This was brought about by my palm dying. So I can now do many things I did not ever think my phone would do. It also let's me do more with geocaching. It's battery life will take a lot of getting use to.

In other news we have just had Paul to stay. It has been great to spend time with him. I know he has been updating regularly so I will not double entry. I really appresiate it when people make the effort to come up here when we are out of the way.

Anyway, early start tomorrow, so I should get some sleep.


At the end of July we had the UK's 3rd Mega event, over 1300 people attended despite there being a number that said they would come and did not in the end. The mega itself was fine with some useful talks and a chance to look at many beautiful coins in other people's collections. The Thursday before we joined in a side event, where a night caching trail had been set up to take us around the woods near to Auchterarder. It was fun and well organised and a good opportunity to speak to a few people we knew from before.

On the Sunday we had a great day at a CITO event (Cache in trash out), where we cleaned up the area surrounding the Lade in Perth, (while trying to make it look as if we were following the health and safety demands placed by the council. This lead to us tying two tow ropes together to capture things in the river that we were not allowed to be within two meters off. It was fun even for the engineering side of things.

The other big thing that I have done in the last while was a 128 hour shift with the person I care for, hard work, some fun and some unexpected time off because people were so kind to the two of us. There were points that I wondered why I had ever said yes to doing this shift, but by the end I was happily helping the woman plan for next year, and I have foolishly said that we can camp, but then again that might be better than the fully accessible (yeah right) hotel we stayed in this year.

Anyway, I should go back to tidying as we have someone coming to live with us while they buy a house. So all visitors will be on blow up beds, sorry Paul and Neil.

unconventional response

At the shop today I had a seemingly shady character in. He had been peering in the window at the picture framing for a bit and then came in the shop. When I asked if I could help him he claimed to be just browsing, and continued to browse in the same way that a shop lifter would. I followed him around the shop and spoke to him about some thing that he was considering ordering. He then continued to browse and I served another customer who was in the shop, who then left.

The man then came up the shop and asked if he could order what he wanted, when I got the order book from the customer side of the counter and was finding the right page he demanded I opened the till (not a convenient thing to do from where I was standing to take his order). I responded with, "Get Lost" and reached for the panic button, and much to my surprise he left, looking a bit confused, I somehow think that that was not the response that he was anticipating.

I am fine, police have not caught him yet- they may not manage to, and the shop was shut for a while for the forensic guy to do his thing.

I am just stunned that, "Get Lost" worked, not that I want to ever be in a position to see if it would again.